Ny bok av Dan Docherty ute!

"Something for everyone. 78000 words on 
Tai Chi Chuan. Dozenz of fotos of 3 
attractive dames [including some shots 
the-complete-tai-chi-tutorwhere they are wearing miniskirts and 
heels] beating the crap out of unrighteous 
dudes. with classical Tai Chi techniques. 
And a few fotos of good dudes using non-
violent Tai Chi tactics to control and 
restrain over-emotional females. The main 
theme is 'The Lost Tai Chi'. The history, 
philosophy and techniques are examined 
and analysed as known knowns, known unknowns, 
unknown knowns and unknown unknowns."
/Dan Docherty

Äntligen finns Dan Dochertys omtalade nya bok ute i handeln! Boken rekommenderas varmt av Saar och vi ser fram emot intressant läsning i höst.

Beställ The Complete Tai Chi Tutor HÄR.



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