Kommande seminarier

Wudang tai chi full Curriculum seminar.

Date: 17 of February 2018

Time: 10.00-17.00

We will practice the whole curriculum of the
Wudang tai chi chuan.

-Pushing hands-fixed, moving, drills, sweeps,throws.

-Hand form-long,short,advanced, square and round.

-Weapon forms-spear,sabre,sword.

-Nei kung.

-All areas will include applications.

Lunch 12-13 not included.

-Price: 500 for the day.

Sleeping place can be arranged if needed.

Those who wish to join our regular class on friday evening are welcome.

Saar Avivi lives in Sweden, outside the city of Örebro and holds classes in Wudang Practical Tai Chi Chuan. He is also the winner of the European Championships (2012), British Open, London Open, German Open, Wu Wei cup (Grand Champion), Swedish Open and other competitions.
Saar is teaching in Israel and around Europe on a regular bases.
Saar is a level 8 instructor and is authorised to teach all aspects of Wudang tai chi chuan including Nei kung and Bai shi.




Pushing Hands Seminarium in Hamburg 6-8 of April 2018

Saar is a level 8 instructor and is authorised to teach all aspects of Wudang tai chi chuan including Nei kung and Bai shi.

Welcome to a Pushing hands with applications seminar in Hamburg.

We will work with:

– Fixed step
– Moving step
– Self defense

topics of the Workshop:
Push Hands (also with stepping) and application, and the relation of both

Training with Saar is practical and application orrientated and it´s obvious that he knows what he is talking about,
but training is calm and mindfull and with fun.

more information about Saar further down.

Training Hours
Fr. 17 – 20 Uhr 3 35,- Euro
Sa. 10 – 13 und 14.30 – 17.30 Uhr 70,- Euro
So. 10 – 13 und 14 – 16 Uhr 60,- Euro
oder alles zusammen für 150,- Euro
Sa. und So. 120,- Euro

Ort: Kinderclub Chamäeleon
Chemnitzstr. 82
22767 Hamburg Altona

There will be lunch prepared by Meinhard

About Saar
Saar Avivi is a Student of Paul Silfverstråle and Liu Haihe and has his own school since 1998 ”School of Empty Cup” today in Örebro, Sweden.
He won several gold medals on european competitions:
Europian championship, British Open und Swedish Open, Wu Wei-Cup and several others,
in hand form, weapon form and push hand.

Saar was born in Israel, trained there Krav Maga and Taekwondo in his youth, served in the israeli army.
Later in life he discovered Taiji,his first teacher was Liu Haihe, a chinese Kungfu and taiji master living in Israel, after his death Saar became student of Paul Silfverstråle.

When:  6-8 april 2018
Where: Hamburg, Germany.



סדנת טאי צ’י לחימתי עם סער בישראל

 סדנת פושינג הנדס והגנה עצמית בהנחיית סער אביבי תתקיים בקבוצת שילר באולם הטקוואנדו בתאריך: 7 ביולי 2018
רוב האימון בסדנה יתבצע בעבודת זוגות.
במהלך הסדנה נתמקד בהטלות, טכניקות טאטוא, נעילות וריתוקים, ועוד.
סער אביבי עוסק באומנויות לחימה משנת 1983 בה החל עם קרב מגע עד שנת 1992, לאחר השירות הקרבי החל סער להתאמן טאי צ’י ועוסק בכך עד היום.
סער אביבי גר מחוץ לעיר אורברו בשוודיה
והמורה הראשי בבית הספר לטאי צ’י School of Empty Cup
סער הוא זוכה אליפות אירופה (2012), אליפות בריטניה, אליפות שוודיה, אליפות גרמניה, Wu Wei Cup בגרמניה ואליפות לונדון.
סער בעל דרגת מורה 8 ומוכשר להעביר טקס חניכה וללמד ניי גונג
תאריך: יום שבת ה 7 ביולי 2018
שעה: 10:00 עד 14:00
עלות: 80 ₪
Martial Tai chi seminar in Israel

A Pushing hands and self-defense workshop with Saar Avivi in Israel will be held at the at the Taekwondo training hall in Kvutzat Shiller.

Saar has among other things. won a European Championship (2012), British Open, Swedish Open, German Open, Wu Wei cup (grand champion) and the London Open.

Saar is level a 8 instructor and is authorised to teach all aspects of Wudang tai chi chuan including Nei kung and Bai shi
Date: 7 july 2018
Time: 10,00-14,00
Cost: 80 Shekel